Marc Sijm

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by what moves me, what holds me back, what moves a person and what holds a person back. How people are different from each other and yet exactly the same.

Who am I? What is that: to be a human being? What is my purpose in this life? The life questions that probably everyone has had pass by at one time or another.

Through all the information I have absorbed in this continuous journey of discovery, I have developed into who I am today.

Trained in structural engineering, working in the world of big computer projects, at the “big corporates”, trained in Chinese medicine, intuitive development and Effortless coaching and PSYCH-K® Facilitators.

How people describe me: An attentive listener, a talker, open-minded and skeptical. A techie, a feeler, a quick sharp thinker, someone who can give a surprisingly different perspective.

And then I started writing a book….

Marc Sijm IVDAVRA Photo Manuscript
Marc Sijm