Interview / Book launch, Euvie Karijoredjo, the interviewer and Marc Sijm, the author of IVDAVRA during the online event Caricoach Virtual Inspirations on 2021-11-24.


Audio van het interview IVDAVRA boek presentatie2021-11-24


[Lunice] We are now getting a presentation, a first for us, in the corporate wellness event, the first presentation of this book. The books arrived last week. I picked them up. I already have an order. Somebody said this morning, “Please, I’ll reserve one,” so that’s okay. I want to invite Marc Sijm, author of this book. Marc has already participated last year in our corporate wellness program 2020. I mention this because Marc is not in Suriname. Marc is a coach within our network. Marc is an Effortless Coach and a PSYCH-K facilitator. He is Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. So his presentation is virtual from the Netherlands. And he is assisted in this presentation by Euvie who has read the book and who is doing this book presentation through an interview. I just saw, someone has already reserved, so Marc there are now 2 books away. Dirk also wants a book. I am going to read some and then I will give Euvie and Marc the floor.

I haven’t read a book like this before. Surprising perspective. I was challenged to look at things differently and be open-minded. An inspiring, sometimes disturbing, comforting, hopeful and most of all loving book. Written by Jennifer who is a chemist and also a yoga teacher.

Marc, may I invite you to the presentation of IVDAVRA.

[Euvie] Good morning everyone. I know Lunice just said there to invite Marc. Today I’m at home in my study, you see. [Euvie greets in an Eastern language – Namaste].

For those who don’t know me yet. My name is Euvie Tyani Karijoredjo and Certified Associate Pranic Healer and also CariCoach. Today I have the honor of interviewing Marc Sijm regarding his newly released book IVDAVRA.

A fun fact is that Marc and I have one thing in common which Marc and I have in common and that is that we both have the training of building techniques, that is really nice to know for me. What I take from that is indeed as structural engineers we get some work, some materials and from that we build something.

About the book itself I had the opportunity to read this before there was a printed version on the market and I can really tell you, that book is sublime! And I hope you will also enjoy reading it as much as I found it. Everything that I learned in the school of Reiki, the school of Brahma Kumaris, the school of Pranic Healing, from the holy books Bhagavad Gītā, Old and New Testaments, the Quran I just find in this book that Marc penned down in 258 pages. Really, it’s the most important, or not the most important, but the questions that we all encounter, that we all encounter, who am I, what am I doing here, what is my role on this earth, am I doing it right, am I not doing it right, validations that we need every now and then in our lives. You got it all in this book.

But not to speak further, by the way Marc, by the way, thanks for sharing this with the world. I have learned from it. And what I’ve experienced, I said, it’s just a magical book. Insane and a lot of aspects of life that we sometimes sit with I said that you will find.
In this, Marc, welcome, may we know from you who Marc is?

[Marc] Good afternoon in the Netherlands, let’s see, I don’t come into the picture, I see or have I set it wrong myself.

[Euvie] You do end up in the picture, as soon as you speak you are in the picture.

[Marc] Totally beautiful. Thank you for this incredible introduction. I wasn’t expecting that one. Thank you. My name is indeed Marc Sijm, that was already clear. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the event again. Last year I was also allowed to participate as a speaker, and then my message was ‘How to reprogram your mind’. The speakers I have seen before in this event all have the same message, I think that is very beautiful. The message is: ‘Change the world, start with yourself’. It is important to know yourself and I totally agree with that. Who am I? I am the son of a carpenter, and that is also the reason, why I decided, probably, when I was 14 to go into construction. I grew up in a village in North Holland, West Friesland specifically. Eventually I worked mostly in computer science, did a lot of training in Chinese medicine, intuitive development, alternative medicine. And currently I’m Effortless coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator hence the ‘Reprogram your mind’ I presented last year. So, that’s who I am.

[Euvie] Don’t be so shy, Marc. But, thank you for your introduction.
You know Marc, my drive is to make a better version of myself, you know, as a human being, is very inspiring to me to know how they think and why they do certain actions. Their role in life and in that I support in how it can all be better so that we all become better versions on this beautiful earth that we live in.
Marc, what is your motive?

[Marc] My driving force. I actually want to know everything, understand everything, I want to learn. I’m interested in other people, what they do, why they do or don’t do the things they do. I want to live a happy life. I want the same for myself, my family, my loved ones. And I’ve learned, and that’s why that’s my driving force, that’s that you always have to start with yourself to become indeed the best version of yourself. Anyone who wants that, I want to support them in that, that’s also why I’m now mainly involved in coaching. It has become clear to me that you have to know who you are and what you are, which is of course a human being, and what it means to be a human being. In addition, I have noticed that spirituality has been the way for me to get to know myself. In other words, “We are not human beings with a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings with a human experience.” When I understood that, then I wanted to share that insight with everyone anyway. And that’s also largely how the book came about.

[Euvie] Aha, that’s where we got to the next question. By the way, from your conversation just now we do have a lot more in common than just being educated in construction techniques. Really everyone I can really tell you, that book, I think 75 to 80%, 85% that your questions are answered in it that you have possibly ever asked in your life. So amazing!
Well Marc, your entry was there a moment ago, how did you come to write a book?

[Marc] Well what I just said. I’ve been chasing the answers to life’s questions my whole life. I’ve done an awful lot of reading and studying because of that. At one point I understood, at least, there is an awful lot of talk about the soul, about consciousness, higher self, subconsciousness, reincarnation, intuition. What is all of that? And that quote I just said, “We are not human beings with a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings with a human experience.” that’s from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and is also on the cover of my book, I knew, or I felt that it was true, but I didn’t quite understand it. And then at some point I realized, we don’t know, we don’t remember, we don’t realize all day long, that we are indeed spiritual beings. But now imagine that you do realize that, that you do realize continuously that you are a soul or a consciousness. And then I realized there has never been a book that I’ve read that was completely based on that, that was written from that perception. And then I started writing myself.

[Euvie] Well, that’s very nice. When I got the version that wasn’t expressed yet, I couldn’t really speak the title properly. But so the title is IVDAVRA. But anyway, I didn’t care, I didn’t care if I could pronounce the title or not. I was just curious and I started reading and I was sitting there reading and I’m thinking; “Wow, where does it start?” and I mean… I already saw the whole movie, you know, like a Netflix series, and what’s next, and what’s next, and what’s next, I read it out in 2 days. It’s really amazing guys. You really got to get this book. If you’re like me and you love Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, you know, those kinds of movies, this book you read like a movie.

Marc, the title, can you explain it?

[Marc] The title is short for the subtitle of the book and that is, “Instruction For Participation In Virtual Reality Earth. But I didn’t think that was a good title for the book and I was searching until I just put all the first letters of those words in a row and I was like, “Well! That actually sounds nice.” and it’s also kind of mystical, you start wondering what that means that word again and I liked that too. The subtitle ‘Instruction For Participation In Virtual Reality Earth’ that of course also gives a strange impression of what in God’s name is the book about? Well, the book tells the story of a consciousness, named Stu, who wants to learn, who wants to develop and at some point he hears that there is a learning environment, somewhere, and that is the virtual reality Earth, and he goes looking for it and he wants to experience that virtual reality. And so at some point he gets instructions on how to participate in that. And that’s where the title comes from.

[Euvie] Beautiful! Can I very gently, can I very gently conclude that if we indeed consider ourselves an incarnated soul, a consciousness or a partial consciousness, Stu would be the one who is incarnated in this virtual reality, is experiencing the Earth, is experiencing it? Can I say that even so gently?

[Marc] The book doesn’t describe the life Stu is experiencing say as reincarnation. But are described how Stu comes to that and how Stu is linked to a human being as being the consciousness. When we talk about being human we know that we have a soul, we know that when we die the soul probably continues to exist. So assuming that, there is a soul or a consciousness unit beyond the life of the human being. So the book is not about the life Stu experiences as a human, it’s about what Stu experiences before and after.

[Euvie] Ok, so basically, as I understand it from my perception and from the teachings I’ve had, so we are actually, we have chosen, to play a role on this earth. When I was a little kid growing up, I can remember, 8 years old or 9 years old, I always hated it when people would say, “Children didn’t choose to be born!” and I was like, “What do you mean? We all chose to be born! So, what are you actually saying!’ Would I put it that way… With reading this book of yours, that’s been answered for me of hey indeed, we have chosen this life, can I say that gently… are you saying that too?

[Marc] You don’t have to say that softly, you can also say that very loudly. I also try to explain why people have forgotten as human beings that they are a soul, which indeed has chosen by itself to participate in the earth, to experience a human life. Indeed, this is explained in detail in the book as to why this is so.

[Euvie] Exactly, because you see everyone. I told you, many questions and many, why we’re here, how we got here and what the role is, that’s where you really get… That book is really mind-blowing and simple to read.

Marc, PSYCH-K® facilitator and “Reprogram Your Mind”… This book, is there a relationship with PSYCH-K® facilitator and “Reprogram Your Mind”?

[Marc] Yes there is! In IVDAVRA I explain what your subconscious is. That doesn’t mean I know that 1000% for sure but that’s what the most obvious explanation is. I explain how it, what it is, how it originates, how it is filled, what it is programmed with, and that is your childhood, by your parents. At the end of the day, I also indicate what are therefore the problems that you have as a human being if you and this also came up in my presentation last year, what are like inhibitory beliefs in your subconscious mind or traumas, how you can deal with them, how you can solve them. How to turn those into programs, into habits that will help you to get done what you want to manifest in this life. So, yes, I won’t say that the book explains ‘Reprogram your mind’ but the book certainly explains why that is important, and I also mention the ways in which you could go about doing that.

[Euvie] I can really agree with that as well. A piece of theory, a piece of handouts, and ultimately we have to take the actions to experiment that, validate that, and indeed draw our own conclusions.

Marc, in the book you have some interludes where you tell about yourself. Why do you tell about yourself in the interludes?

[Marc] The book that is indeed written 80, 90% from consciousness and Stu’s experiences. But occasionally I have a chapter where I write a little bit about my own experiences in this life. Pieces about my childhood, about my young adolescence, about my divorce and about the situation in which we live now. The reason why I added those, and the funny thing is it wasn’t even a big reason that I thought it should be this way or that way, during the writing that just came up, but it turns out to be a very sensible logical way of explaining how that being of a soul, that being of a consciousness, how that can come forward in your life. How you notice that it does. In my childhood I also had the experience, it says so in the book, that I could fly. And several experiences. But these are things that you can’t explain as a human being. And actually because I describe that, with that piece before that, what I write about consciousness, it starts to make more and more sense that it’s also like that, that we are consciousness.

[Euvie] So every time and every second, every day, we have the opportunity to become more and more aware of who we are and what we are and what we have signed up for as a role to do this virtual reality Earth to a full experience. Is that so?

[Marc] Yes, I think so. I also think that the search of almost everyone of what is my purpose in my life, how can I manifest, what makes me happy, then that’s also actually the proof that we’re here to do something.

[Euvie] Great Marc. Your book IVDAVRA also writes about death and I could totally relate to that. For what I know and believe in that too. Leaving the body is not the end of our consciousness, call it soul. I firmly believe in that and actually we all do too but only when a loved one has passed away. Then we often say ‘Till we meet again’. Marc, what do you think about death? And how come, do you have any idea how it is that people only realize when a loved one has gone by saying, among other things, ‘Till we meet again’ and in our daily lives we don’t remember. Can you perhaps tell from your teachings how it is that we are not so aware or remembering when we are so engaged in our daily activities.

So 1: How do you think about death? And how do you think people don’t remember until the loved one has passed away and then can say “Till we meet again. In my perception, by saying that, everyone does know that he or she is not this body but the body is just the vehicle to have all these experiences. Your point of view Marc?

[Marc] In the end, because the book, but that’s how I look at it, because the book is indeed written from consciousness, the death, the dying of someone is nothing but the end of the participation in the virtual reality. So you return to that you realize that you are a soul or a consciousness.

From the perspective of consciousness, your soul, death is simply the end of participation in this reality, of the existence of a human being. If death is the end, if being human were all, it is a terrible thing. If you look at it from consciousness, your higher self, it is quite different. If it is a participation in the life of the soul that ends, then you come to the place you had forgotten you had always come from.

I also describe there, according to that, in a nice way, in a way that I myself, nice that you’re nodding so hard yes, how that probably happens. What I personally think why people don’t realize is because I think there’s very little spirituality in everyday life. If there isn’t and you’re only aware of being human, most people ignore death too, they feel like they can live infinitely. Spirituality always has to do with consciousness, with souls, so then you are in any case dealing with a separation between being human and consciousness. And then life has a different value than when life is the only thing that exists. And I think spirituality is the only way to get that consciousness into your daily life and thus have less fear of death.

[Euvie] Yes, I completely agree. And indeed he described it very nicely in his book. So Marc, spirituality is not just meditating and doing hatha yoga exercises, right? It’s being aware that you are a soul, have a consciousness? Did I articulate that correctly?

[Marc] Well, I think if you realize that you are a soul with a body with a life, then it does make sense to take very good care of your body. And whether that’s hatha yoga, exercising, eating healthy or whatever, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you take good care of your body.

And on the other hand, things like meditating or intuitive development or even creative things, those are all things that allow a person’s connection to their soul, or to consciousness, your higher self, whatever name you give it, to strengthen it, to make it if it’s not there, to explore it. So, I hope that answers the question, answers the thesis?

[Euvie] To me it does. You know, you and I, structural engineers, techies. A little woolly and a little stiff and tight. I hope that for the participants, it gave some input.

Marc, I had a question in my head but it has now escaped me. Oh, it’s back. How would we as participants in this virtual reality Earth, how would we, do you have any handouts for us, maybe the previous speaker have already indicated something about this, but you now. Do you have any handouts for us how we can remember that we, call it soul, call it higher self, call it higher consciousness, can remember that over and over again in the daily activities that we do all the time on this Earth, the virtual reality?

[Marc] That’s a new question, I’ll have to think about that. Yeah, my biggest recommendation is that you start meditating. That you … and whether that’s in the way with following your breath. If you become somewhat experienced in meditating then you start to experience it what the field of consciousness is. The moment you meditate and you don’t feel your body anymore, and that can happen very easily in meditation, then you can also ask yourself questions, then you are basically communicating with your higher self. That’s also the way, I ask questions about life, it’s also the way, I realize, how the book came about. I didn’t make it up by reading books and gathering all kinds of things, I did it by seeking creativity and inspiration through my higher self. That sounds a bit of a stretch, but that’s how it turns out.

[Euvie] Totally understood Marc. In the silence we do indeed get our answers and meditating is one of the tools and offerings we use and can use to hear , feel, smell and you name it the answers.

Marc, another question. What is the message you want to share with your book?

[Marc] Actually, the message is what we’ve been talking about actually all along now. And that is remember what and who you are. Realize that you are a soul, a consciousness. A human being but also a spiritual being. Try to use that knowledge in your life. Understand what it means to be human, because a human being has characteristics in this world, which are very different from what is a spiritual being. And I think that if you remember or realize, because remembering sounds like you can reenact what happened, but that’s not quite how it works, I think, but if you realize how beautiful life can be, what’s really possible, how you hold yourself back and how you can change again, I think then you take back the responsibility, or in other words the power over your own life, over your own power, and then you can give your life a turn and then you can manifest yourself the way you want. So I guess that’s the message I want to give in this book.

[Euvie] Totally, I see that too. And indeed it intrigues and it flows with the title of this event of this corporate wellness event. Power over one’s own power. Really, participants, you really got to read that book. Just what Dirk said yesterday; read, read, read and apply what you have read from the books. And Marc’s book IVDAVRA is amazing to read. Practical tips, practical tools to indeed live the life that is so beautiful. There is pain in life, I said in my first day of speaking but life is not painful.

Marc, why is the book of interest to the participants of this event? Maybe I’ve already said it a little bit but you can tell it too.

[Marc] Well indeed I think it comes across a little bit already. I think the book paints a very clear picture a very understandable picture of what your subconscious is, what higher consciousness is, what your higher self is, where intuition comes from, what being human is all about. And I think it even sums up what spirituality means in its entirety. So, and so how can you now, with that new way of looking at life on Earth. And I think for coaches, especially coaches, for executives who are basically responsible for a lot of other people and anyone who is interested in being human, that this book can offer surprisingly interesting inspirational insights.

And I try to explain how you as a human being can awaken your spirituality itself. For those who are wondering what life could mean, what indeed is the power, the responsibility of your own manifestation of your own power in this life, being interested/being interested in spirituality anyway, even people who are trying to find an explanation of what love actually is, I think this book can give there a different perception, different insights that can indeed give answers.

[Euvie] And he speaks the truth hear! It’s once again, really, I’m not bored. By the way, I received my copy yesterday and I’m very happy with it. You know, for me, It’s a book that you’re going to read over and over again and get handholds on how to handle in moments when you have some doubts coming up, whether you’re doing the right thing or not doing the right thing, we all have that. Life is just a game right, I say. At every level and in every level we have challenges that we have to overcome or go through all the time. This book, you got to read it. It’s sublime it’s exciting it’s a movie. It’s one that you’re really going to read again and again. I’m convinced of that.

Marc, would you maybe read a part for us?

[Marc] That’s good. Let’s see. I can choose between a bit of an interlude or a bit about the perception of consciousness and I think I’ll choose the latter. Let’s see it can be done without glasses. I’m going to read a piece at the moment that Stu gets instructions from another consciousness, who is called Maestro in the book, I thought that was a nice name. He’s already had a lot of the instructions but this is a piece where it’s about senses. Let’s see. This is a piece that Maestro tells Stu.

Humans have several senses to receive information about the outside world. These are seeing with the eyes, hearing with the ears, smelling with the nose, tasting with the tongue and the tactile sense of the skin. This information will give the impression that the virtual reality is three-dimensional and that matter and time exist." Stu interrupts the flow for a moment and asks Maestro, "Can you explain what three-dimensional, matter and time mean?"
"I understand your question," says Maestro. "In consciousness, there is no such thing, indeed."
Clearly, Maestro is trying to gather information to transfer to Stu.
"It is extremely difficult to explain with just giving information, if you have never experienced it. So my suggestion is to try to explain why it's set up that way in virtual reality. Is that okay with you?"
Stu returns a confirming energy.
Maestro begins to flow on this last topic. "With us, in consciousness, learning is a matter of taking in information. Should you not like that information or it produces a paradox, you choose to ignore it and just move on. The information does exist, only the individual chooses not to take it in.
Virtual reality Earth was created precisely to help all individuals be able to take in and integrate that information anyway. The logical choice, then, is to have a learning environment where that information can no longer be ignored, no matter how much you might want to. No matter how paradoxical that information is, it will keep coming back into your learning experience. This is the so-called "cause and effect" rule that is ingrained in the learning environment.
This rule means that this information, which you would prefer to ignore, will continue to be offered until you learn from it. This cycle of repetition needs 'time', a linear experience of the information being offered to you.
The 'three-dimensional' nature of the learning environment, in turn, ensures that in the perception of the player, the participant, information is almost impossible to avoid. The space in virtual reality is limited. In virtual reality you always come back to the same place with the fellow human beings with whom you share this learning experience. Escaping information that you don't want is then very difficult.

I think that’s enough to read out.

[Euvie] Yes I also think it’s very sufficient reading. Very exciting time to get the participants excited and curious about what this book is all about.

Marc, where can we get this book?

[Marc] Well, we talked about that yesterday with the organization. I think it’s available through the organization at this time yet. For the people who participate in this event we have agreed on a discount. The book is for sale in the Netherlands for €24.95. At this event everyone can buy it for €22. After this event then, at this moment the only way left to get it is through the CariCoach organization.

[Euvie] Wonderful, wonderful, thank you Marc for your donation. I see here that Lunice indicates that it is available in the Within shop. I think I’ve had it with you for today with regard to this interview. I hope that the participants have benefited from this. And are also, like me, very enthusiastic, even if you are not enthusiastic but a little bit curious about what this book will bring. Make contact with Lunice, Tariq, the Within Shop and you can get the book there.

I pass the word back to Lunice. Marc thank you very much. And again, much appreciated that I got to read the book in advance before it went to print. Once again, it was a fine pleasure to talk with you. I salute you from here.

[Marc] Thank you very much for the interview.

[Lunice] Thank you Euvie, thank you Marc. Thank you so much for agreeing to do your first book launch with us. Great, great. I read the book, too. It took me a couple of times and my experience with the book was, also very confronting, the first few pages… that’s not good sales talk of course but I’m open. The first few pages I was like [sigh] Very confronting but at one point I was very happy because I recognized some things I became curious about how it unfolded further how that story continued. I’m also very glad I got to read it beforehand as well.

Marc Sijm