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Marc Sijm, son of a carpenter, raised in a village in West-Friesland, educated in structural engineering, working in computer science, trained in Chinese medicine, intuitive development, is Effortless coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator.

Marc is fascinated by what moves him, what holds him back, what moves every person and what holds every person back. How people are different from each other and yet exactly the same.

The ever-present curiosity for answers to the questions "who am I?", "what is my reason for existence?", "where do I come from?" have determined his life path, his choices of training and outlook and have led to the creation of this book. As a free-lancer, Marc sometimes does assignments with multinational companies.

Through all the information I have received in this continuous journey of discovery, I have developed into who I am today.

How people describe me: An attentive listener, a talker, open-minded and skeptical. A techie, a feeler, a quick sharp thinker, someone who can give a surprisingly different perspective.

I want to know everything, understand everything, I want to keep learning. I ask questions and am interested in the answers.

I want to have the most happy life for myself, my family, my loved ones. That everyone has the most exciting prosperous life possible. You can only do that yourself.

And I want to support everyone who wants to do that.

I want to know who and what I am. Spirituality is my way of getting to know myself. In fact, I think it is the only way to get to know yourself.

An important part of knowing yourself, is what is it to be a human being. Or in other words a spiritual being with a human experience.

This is an insight I want to share with everyone.

My whole life, I feel, I never understood how the world worked, how people interacted, what my motive was, what my blockages were. Hence my studies in alternative medicine, alternative psychology.

In the spiritual world it is always about the soul, consciousness, higher self, subconscious, dreams, reincarnation, intuition, energy, what are they?

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's quote, "We are not human beings with a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings with a human experience." has been of great interest to me. It also appears as a qoute on the cover of the book. I felt it was true, but I didn't understand it.

And then I realized, What would it be like if we knew for sure that we were spiritual beings. Or, in other words, that you remember who you really are. That you look at your own life with that point of view.

The book is written from the perception that a consciousness looks at the earth. Imagine if you could remember that if you were human.

I have never seen a book like that. That's when I started writing...

Remember who and what you are. Use that knowledge in your life.

When you remember or when you realize how beautiful life can be, what is really possible, how you are holding yourself back, what is holding you back, then you get the responsibility, in other words, the power, to change your life.

To know yourself, what it means to be human is important.

IVDAVRA is the acronym for Instruction For Participation In Virtual Reality Earth.

IVDAVRA tells the story of how a consciousness hears about Earth and wants to experience it. The explanations this consciousness receives about the earth and being human are the instructions given for participation.

The book is written from the point of view of consciousness. The adventure of Stu, the consciousness who is the main character, is told.

To explain how my consciousness, my higher self, has emerged in my life.

To relate the story of consciousness to life as a human being, now, on earth.

It's about my childhood, my divorce, and about the situation we live in now. How in my life the urge to understand life has gotten to me.

The book offers a picture, of what subconsciousness, higher consciousness, intuition, or human-being, is. In short, what spirituality is. A clear view, how to look at humanity, at your life now on earth. How to apply spirituality in your life.

For coaches, executives and anyone interested in being human, the book can offer interesting insights. The book tells how the human and the spiritual part can work together.

For those who wonder what life could mean, want to have power over their own lives, want to take back control, who are interested in spirituality, people who are looking for an explanation of what love is, this book can offer new or different insights.

Get in touch with your higher self. Learn to meditate, do intuitive development, do something creative. These are all ways to encourage contact with the higher self.
There are protocols for providing the subconscious with different information. These are called energy psychology methods. PSYCH-K® is an example of this. Find and method that suits you and get started. In my opinion, there is no other way than this to give your life the turn you want it to have.
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