Paradigm shift

Thomas Campbell is one of the best consciousness experts in the world. With the science to back it up!

The trilogy “My Big Toe” written by him and attending one of his events prompted me to write IVDAVRA.

Thomas Campbell has posted and continues to post a lot of video content on Youtube. In one of the latest Q&A videos, a question is asked about the scientific experiments currently being conducted and how, in his view, science is likely to deal with this knowledge.


  • Science has already agreed that reality is information based. There is no such thing as mass. Logically, an information-based reality is a virtual reality.
  • Science will indicate that it is an information based reality. Questions that will then be logically asked will be;
  • who programmed it?
  • where is the computer?
  • Science will probably not want to or be able to answer that.
  • It will cause a paradigm shift.
  • I invite you to watch part of this video, just over 10 minutes.
Marc Sijm