Time to experiment

Last year I wrote the book IVDAVRA.

Here is part of a review from a reader;

His book IVDAVRA tells a story based on insights from new science and illustrated with personal events from Marc’s life. Very interesting for anyone who likes to look at reality differently and find new perspective.

I have started a new experiment! The surprisingly different worldview described in IVDAVRA, to anyone who wants to, explain further and help them to experience this personally. More information will follow on this blog.

Who will join me on this journey? You are hereby invited.

For anyone who wants to explore and experience whether the worldview outlined in IVDAVRA could be truth I am organizing information, collecting exercises, putting together sessions.

The model of reality that is the basis of IVDAVRA is not just a thought experiment. Books about the new science, the training I’ve taken, the experiences I’ve had have shaped it.

It’s not about what you believe or don’t believe. It’s about wanting to explore. That you open-mindedly and skeptically enter into an experiment to learn, to develop. Why does this matter; If it’s not your experience, it can’t be your truth.

We are all limited by traps in our own beliefs, fears and ego. Let those go and see where this journey of discovery or any journey will take you.

marc sijm ivdavra surprised

What a Buddhist monk once said;

Don't believe in something (simply) because you've heard it.
Don't believe in traditions because they have been passed down for many generations.
Don't believe in something because it is spoken and gossiped about by many.
Don't believe in something because it is written in your religious books.
And do not believe in anything just on the authority of your teachers and elders.
But if, after observation and analysis, you find something that agrees with reason and is conducive to the welfare and well-being of all, accept it and live by it.
marc sijm ivdavra sceptic

IVDAVRA is a novel, not a textbook where subject by subject is covered in detail. I’m going to post about that in this blog, though. What is a virtual reality? What good is that to me as a human being if I understand it? What is an avatar? And more…

The experiments I am thinking of now are the following and there will be more to come. Can I reprogram the subconscious mind? Can I receive information from the great consciousness?

Virtual reality Earth is the most intense and instructive learning environment for consciousness, the VR participant. Keep developing yourself, is my advice. Enjoy life.

Wisdom and Love wished to everyone.

Marc Sijm, author of IVDAVRA

Marc Sijm