Evolution and virtual reality

The post “TOE, consciousness and evolution” outlines another theory-of-evolution. The foundation of that theory is consciousness. If you want to experience whether this model is correct, join in the experiment, it is important to have had some practice with meditation. The first part of the experiment; Meditate! In consciousness you can verify if the theory, the model, is right for you. Then it becomes your experience, your knowledge. That is only possible in a meditative state. And then it may just be that your worldview changes completely.

In this post I will say something about meditating, continue with the evolution of consciousness and end up with virtual reality.

These posts are, of course, also about the book IVDAVRA and this post includes an excerpt from the novel. IVDAVRA is based on the theory-of-everything described in Thomas Campbell’s trilogy “My Big TOE” and new science such as energy psychology as described by Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief”..

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Meditating is a skill that anyone can learn, it is a matter of doing. The experiment I propose requires this. It is an investigation into and into consciousness. If you want to know more about it I recommend you to read this post about meditation.

Now on again to the subject of evolution and from there to virtual reality.

Evolution in consciousness

Evolution in consciousness, to grow, to evolve, has created within the field of consciousness, individual units of consciousness, to increase through interaction the opportunity to grow. That is extremely similar to what is indicated in other philosophies of life as well!

And further, that in that field of consciousness, environments have evolved, that is, not created but specifically evolved, to offer the consciousness units the most intensive learning experience, to grow consciousness. The goal of growing consciousness is to reduce chaos and create order, or lower entropy. And that is logically the goal of that environment.

It is then a small step to call that learning experience environment in the field of consciousness a virtual reality. Units of consciousness can have other experiences in order to grow.

Virtual reality game

Virtual reality

Wikipedia also has a page about it and it states:

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar or completely different from the real world.

To be clear, this definition of virtual reality is from the human perspective. The part of the definition “from the real world” I would change to “from the domain of existence”. After all, for a consciousness unit, where it exists is totally different than for a human, if you know what I mean.

Actually, I think the Dutch version of that Wikipedia page that gives a different description is also very appropriate.

Virtual reality, false reality or Virtual Reality (VR) simulates an environment through a computer to immerse a user in a false experience through various senses.

Since experience is the generator of input, consciousness facilitates its own evolution by creating many smaller units of consciousness and releasing them to evolve (lower their entropy) through interaction with free will.

If you can see this, understand the logic and then could also experience things that confirm this model, your worldview will most likely be able to change completely.

Chairs used in The Matrix

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.”

– Morpheus (The Matrix)

I definitely see an analogy with the movie “The Matrix”. Do you?

An excerpt from IVDAVRA

cover ivdavra auteur marc sijm

The names mentioned in this piece are;
Stu is the main character of the novel,
Maestro is the one who tries to explain to Stu everything about virtual reality earth, and
All is the name given to the great consciousness field.

"I'll start with the reason why virtual reality Earth exists" is how Maestro initiates the stream of information.
"All created multiple learning environments, including virtual realities, to offer the possibility to as many possible individuals to leap forward in their development. In all of those environments, the participant remains aware of the fact that it is in a simulation." Maestro checks to see if Stu is okay with absorbing this information.
"When the participants were in the midst of the simulation and were offered an experience that didn't flow and caused an obstruction, those participants just exited. Because it was completely aware of the fact that the individual itself was the player. This happened on a massive scale. This had to be allowed due to everyone's free choice. The learning experience offered, which in most cases had to do with paradoxes, was then not learned by the participant, by the individual. All sensed this to be a large missed opportunity and proceeded to create virtual reality Earth.
The goal is to indeed learn from the paradoxes. The learning environment Earth exists to offer this to all who wish to further develop themselves and who had exited other simulations prematurely."
"I hadn't even heard of those other environments", Stu remarks to Maestro. "Will this be a good choice for me or should I rather choose one of the earlier simulations?" Stu asks.
"I think it is a fine choice for you to engage in this simulation", Maestro responds. "You had already attempted to engage with the harsher realms. You seem to be quite ready to develop yourself further and to endeavor into understanding the paradoxes."
Stu was visibly reassured by this answer. It almost seemed that simulation Earth would exceed its capabilities. But the turmoil in the internal energy was completely eliminated by the answer.
The flow of information from Maestro to Stu continues. "All realized that the participants knowing that they are a unit of consciousness having a learning experience just provided a means of escape. All decided to set up a virtual reality where this would be forgotten."
"Will I be trapped in that virtual reality?" Stu responds inquisitively.
"You could describe it that way" Maestro returns. 

Sneak preview

The next post will go on about what “virtual reality” is and I will come up with the experiment proposals.

Wisdom and Love wished to everyone.

Marc Sijm, author of IVDAVRA

Marc Sijm