The phase of adulthood

As a human being, as an avatar in virtual reality, you go through different phases. You are born as a baby and you continue to grow to toddler, child, adolescent (teenager), adult, senior, just to name a few phases. No matter how you look at it, you are going to go through this.

The previous post on free will “Probability and Free Will“, tries to explain that as human beings we cannot choose anything we want, but there is space of choice within which you can choose. That sounds tedious, but if you read that post back, you will understand what I mean.

In this post, I want to talk about the “adult” phase. Why? Because this is probably the phase of most of the readers of this post. So I hope it will appeal to you.

The new science, epi-genetics and energy psychology, are making it clear how we are formed as humans, how our beliefs are formed, what we think is normal, that this is all stored in our subconscious, and that more than 95% of the time we make our decisions, our choices, unconsciously. Or in other words, how consciously do we actually make our choices. Are we actually using our wide range of choices?

And if we are in a learning environment for consciousness, am I learning what I wanted to learn?

Your own history

You’re an adult now. How did you get here, how were you formed?


Baby and mother hand

As a baby you are a sponge of all the information that comes at you and everything that comes at you is accepted as normal. Why is that? You have no filters yet, no evaluation of what you think of it. This is logical, because you have only just come into existence. You are still a blank sheet. You do have a character, every baby is different and reacts differently to everything.


Mother an child

You will probably get to know your mother first. Who feeds you, who makes eye contact, who responds immediately when you cry. This will form the basis of how you learn to bond with others and whether you can feel safe. The other members of the family, the father, brothers and sisters all influence this.

Domestic environment

Parets in discussion

As you get a little bigger and can move around the room, you continue to learn to explore your surroundings. Without knowing what you are doing you are exploring everything. How does the family react to this? Everything is considered normal. And so social manners emerge slowly but surely.



At some point you go to school. The social manners you have learned, you are going to apply in that new environment. You cannot do otherwise, because that is what you have learned and is normal for you. At that school you quickly see, at least that’s how I experienced it, a strange kind of hierarchy develop. The way I look at it, especially as a result of the totally different manners that are mixed there. The kids who can manipulate are at the top of that monkey rock.

The school career continues until at least age 18. Depending on a lot of things, have you grown to hate learning, have you completely adapted to giving answers that the teacher wants to hear, because he is the authority and determines whether you are good enough, have you been able to navigate yourself through this period with little damage, or have you learned how to start a happy and successful life as an adult. I don’t often see the latter as a result myself, but you would think that this could be the objective of the training as a whole.


Later, when you are an adolescent, called the adolescent age in the West, you want to take your own responsibility, do what you want, go out into the world. And if your parents forbid that on all sides, don’t trust you can do that, you are usually labeled as unruly. In my view, this is more a problem of the parents than of the young people themselves. Even at that age, there will be falls and rises. You learn from your mistakes. If you had an upbringing and/or education to prepare you for this, it would be a lot easier than what the statistics now seem to say.



You build a group of friends with others with whom you have a click, with whom you can talk well, have fun or whatever. Then most go to work, get into a structure of authority, management, and they then determine, just like in school, if you are satisfactory and can possibly move on.


Relationships is also something that will take place during this period. You start experimenting with intimate relationships and all sorts of things happen to you, at least emotionally. Gradually, many find out that their parents’ relationship is the model for or generates the problems in the relationship they are trying to form themselves.
Misery or happiness takes place.


If it works out, a relationship, chances are that at some point there will be children and suddenly you are a parent of a child. That’s what the post is about next time.

The choices you have in the world now

Are you living the life you wanted, as an individual consciousness, with the avatar? By the way, how do you know that as a human being, because that has never been addressed? Have you learned everything you need to do that? What have you learned all that sabotages and frustrates that? And if you knew this, what could you start doing about it?


In this experiment I want you to make the connection with the life purpose that your individual consciousness unit has. If you have mastered the previous experiments a little then this will not be a problem.
To make it easier, you can record this text slowly before you do the exercise and play it back as you go through this experiment. Then you don’t have to read during the meditation.

The steps of the experiment.

Start the meditation and get to the place where you are no longer aware of your body, of the space you are in, of the sounds that are there, the smells that are there, even that you no longer realize that you are sitting on the floor or on a chair, "point consciousness".

Silently ask yourself the question; "What is my higher purpose in this life?"

Then imagine that you are walking on a path. Perhaps you are not walking, but moving yourself along floating.

Then you see a portal with all the colors of the rainbow. A portal.

You walk or float through it.

The place where you end up is a lawn with beautiful green grass.

Around the lawn is a forest with all kinds of trees, rocks, bushes, everything.

You look around and something catches your attention.

That's where you go.

When you are there, suddenly you are in another space and in that space you get the information you asked for.

See what happens, you just have to observe.

When it is enough you go out of that space again to the lawn. Then you will see the gate and go through it and then walk back on the path to where you started.

Come back to the now and slowly open your eyes.

Lots of fun again with this experiment! I wish you that it will provide ‘food for thought’.

Sneak preview

The next post will be about the role of parent. There is a lot to be said about that and a lot being said about that. If you look at it from the point of view that life is an experience in the learning environment for consciousness called ‘virtual reality Earth’ then some topics can become very clear and incredibly logical and simple.

Wisdom and Love wished to everyone.

Marc Sijm, author of IVDAVRA

Marc Sijm