The human being, the avatar in the virtual reality

Until now I have written about another way of looking at the world, namely that the earth is a virtual reality, a learning environment for individual consciousness units. More and more scientists are beginning to see that the consciousness field, the quantum field, the zero-point field or whatever it is called, is the basis of our reality. In Jip and Janneke language; The material world we think we know is not what it seems. The earth, the universe is a virtual reality game to develop our consciousness, say our soul. A very different way of looking at things than we were accidentally created in the great universe. We are here on earth to make better and better choices and we can learn from the consequences of our choices made. Making better choices for you and those around you logically leads to more compassion.

Last week (“In another state of consciousness“) I also suggested an experiment. The place you go is the field of consciousness. If you have done the experiment, I am extremely curious what the experience has been. I would love to hear about it. If you’d like, please leave a comment.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the avatar, about us actually, the human being. If you throw in the metaphor of a video game, a role-playing game (RPG), as a player of virtual reality (VR) you can create your own avatar. You can choose to be an elf, a wizard or even a dragon. If you have chosen the dragon, then you will see a dragon appear on your screen, and the other players of the game will only see the dragon, your avatar. The other players do not see you as a human. In life on earth, you as a human, the avatar in this reality, can be seen by all the other players. Your soul, higher self, your consciousness unit, or participant in reality earth, cannot be seen.

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In another state of consciousness


In the previous post (“Virtual reality Earth“) I have suggested an experiment, an experiment to verify for yourself whether the model of the theory-of-everything could be correct. I myself am very curious if anyone has done this experiment and what the experience has been. I would love to hear about it.

I myself have done this experiment (of course). The first time I really received an image, a movie, with what would have happened. Before I knew it, thoughts such as “I’m making this up” and “Yes, it’s logical that it could have happened like that” and many other such thoughts came to me. Or so I quickly decided then that I had not received any information but was making it up myself. Experiment failed. It is not for me to do this. And so on and so forth.

How to deal with this thinking, these thoughts? And why is it difficult to discern where this information is coming from, from yourself or yet from this data in the consciousness field.
Furthermore, in this post the subjects of probability and freedom of choice are discussed.

Again, much reading pleasure!

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Virtual reality Earth

Last week’s post (“Understanding Virtual Reality“) contains the statement; “The earth, the universe, is one such virtual reality simulation in the consciousness field.” I hope you are not just skeptical about this, but can be open-minded about it to want and be able to explore it. Again, I’m not asking you to believe it. I am suggesting, challenging you, to investigate it for yourself.

The theory-of-everything model called “My Big TOE” describes the components you all need to run a simulation. I will briefly describe these one by one. The computer, the data, the rules, the players and the information exchange.

After that I will also tell a bit more about what experiments are possible with this model so that you can test it for yourself and perhaps really change your world view. And, actually, I wish you that, that your view of the world, of what reality is, changes. Of course you still have to go to work, you still have your responsibilities, that will not change, but what is important, for example what the meaning of life is, it can all change.

Have fun reading! Enjoy this journey.

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Understanding virtual reality


As indicated in the previous post (“Evolving and virtual reality“), I will now talk about what a virtual reality actually is. What components does it consist of so that it can provide a consistent experience. The only reason the metaphor virtual reality can be talked about is because virtual gaming has become commonplace since the last few years. Before that, people did talk about, “the world is an illusion” and “matter doesn’t exist, it’s just energy with information”, but how could that be understood?

And of course, I’m going to indicate more how you could experiment with that! In this post, the “experiment” part describes what will be the starting point for the next experiments. Now it is really important to have had practice with meditation. In this first experiment, the goal is to achieve “point consciousness”. This is a very important step in my opinion, only in consciousness can you verify that the theory, the model, is correct.

And gosh! How much the world view will then be able to change.

I wish you much reading pleasure!

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Evolution and virtual reality

The post “TOE, consciousness and evolution” outlines another theory-of-evolution. The foundation of that theory is consciousness. If you want to experience whether this model is correct, join in the experiment, it is important to have had some practice with meditation. The first part of the experiment; Meditate! In consciousness you can verify if the theory, the model, is right for you. Then it becomes your experience, your knowledge. That is only possible in a meditative state. And then it may just be that your worldview changes completely.

In this post I will say something about meditating, continue with the evolution of consciousness and end up with virtual reality.

These posts are, of course, also about the book IVDAVRA and this post includes an excerpt from the novel. IVDAVRA is based on the theory-of-everything described in Thomas Campbell’s trilogy “My Big TOE” and new science such as energy psychology as described by Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief”..

Veel leesplezier!

Enjoy the read!

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TOE, consciousness and evolution

In the previous post (Quantum and consciousness) I wrote about the theory of everything (TOE) and specifically the one established by Thomas Campbell and in a post before that (Time to experiment) about experiments that I am going to propose to do. In the novel IVDAVRA, that theory of everything, a model of reality, is included in the basis of the story.

What does that have to do with each other? I want to start experimenting!

Well, what it has to do with each other is that that theory is to be verified by yourself and that’s what those experiments are for. Only by experiencing something yourself will something become truth for you. Otherwise it’s just something you may or may not believe.

So let me continue with the story about that theory so that we quickly get to the first experiment.

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Quantum meeting with fellow coaches

dr quantum double slit what the bleep

From the interest in the new sciences in physics and biology and the different perspective on reality that this gives, namely a world without separation, a holistic human view and one underlying energy field (the ‘quantum field’) Helma and I have organized a meeting with fellow coaches.

On the basis of an interview / conversation with Marc about his novel IVDAVRA and the knowledge gained from studying this new science, we will discuss this fascinating view of our reality.

The topic is the new science. The title of the invitation: Lets go Quantum!

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Marc Sijm