TOE, consciousness and evolution

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In the previous post (Quantum and consciousness) I wrote about the theory of everything (TOE) and specifically the one established by Thomas Campbell and in a post before that (Time to experiment) about experiments that I am going to propose to do. In the novel IVDAVRA, that theory of everything, a model of reality, is included in the basis of the story.

What does that have to do with each other? I want to start experimenting!

Well, what it has to do with each other is that that theory is to be verified by yourself and that’s what those experiments are for. Only by experiencing something yourself will something become truth for you. Otherwise it’s just something you may or may not believe.

So let me continue with the story about that theory so that we quickly get to the first experiment.

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Quantum and consciousness


What does quantum physics actually exist for? Why is so much incredible money spent on it (by governments, not me)? In short, to find out how the material world really works, how everything we can observe, even the strangest things, can be explained.

On Wikipedia, the following can be read;

In physics, a quantum (plural quanta) is the minimum amount of a physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction.

So quantum physics is apparently the search for the smallest physical particle that exists, which ultimately makes up everything. And that while that science is increasingly finding out (and partly seems to ignore) that matter does not actually exist but consists of energy with information.

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Time to experiment

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Last year I wrote the book IVDAVRA.

Here is part of a review from a reader;

His book IVDAVRA tells a story based on insights from new science and illustrated with personal events from Marc’s life. Very interesting for anyone who likes to look at reality differently and find new perspective.

I have started a new experiment! The surprisingly different worldview described in IVDAVRA, to anyone who wants to, explain further and help them to experience this personally. More information will follow on this blog.

Who will join me on this journey? You are hereby invited.

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Science and virtual reality (TedTalks)

There is more and more talk in science about us living in a virtual reality. Even the TedTalks are already talking about this. Some TEDTalks are from as far back as ten years ago.

The scientists who are talking about this theory have not come to their conclusions in the same way.

Today, many scientists agree on one thing. No matter what, in the near future there will be a major “paradigm shift” because the current mainstream science is not moving forward.

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Paradigm shift


Thomas Campbell is one of the best consciousness experts in the world. With the science to back it up!

The trilogy “My Big Toe” written by him and attending one of his events prompted me to write IVDAVRA.

Thomas Campbell has posted and continues to post a lot of video content on Youtube. In one of the latest Q&A videos, a question is asked about the scientific experiments currently being conducted and how, in his view, science is likely to deal with this knowledge.

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