Probability and free will

Last week, in the post “The human being, the avatar in virtual reality” I wrote about the avatar, cause-and-effect and probability. In this post, I’m going to talk about free will, choice and intention. Do we have free will now or not? Or is everything in the future already fixed? If the latter, then we don’t have free will or freedom of choice at all. If we do have free will and freedom of choice, then it follows that the future is not fixed.

In the post from a few weeks ago; “In another state of consciousness“, I proposed an experiment to see in advance what a choice might result in, with the highest probability. This is a very different way of making choices than just doing the much thinking we have been taught to do.

In last week’s post, I suggested an experiment of already working with intention, or perhaps more accurately, playing with it. That which you are then trying to accomplish is to adjust the probability of what will happen. Imagine that you have a chance to be able to change the future, even if it is minimal. And that, as “My Big TOE” points out, can only be done with intention. It is more likely to change the probability of something if the intention is also entropy lowering. That’s a mouthful!

Fun reading and experimentation wished!

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In another state of consciousness


In the previous post (“Virtual reality Earth“) I have suggested an experiment, an experiment to verify for yourself whether the model of the theory-of-everything could be correct. I myself am very curious if anyone has done this experiment and what the experience has been. I would love to hear about it.

I myself have done this experiment (of course). The first time I really received an image, a movie, with what would have happened. Before I knew it, thoughts such as “I’m making this up” and “Yes, it’s logical that it could have happened like that” and many other such thoughts came to me. Or so I quickly decided then that I had not received any information but was making it up myself. Experiment failed. It is not for me to do this. And so on and so forth.

How to deal with this thinking, these thoughts? And why is it difficult to discern where this information is coming from, from yourself or yet from this data in the consciousness field.
Furthermore, in this post the subjects of probability and freedom of choice are discussed.

Again, much reading pleasure!

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urban meditating

All ways of meditating have one goal in common and that is to train your attention by focusing it on one thing for a period of time! If your attention drifts away, you go back to that one thing and if your attention drifts away again, you go back to that one thing again. That’s all you do. That’s how you train your attention to be focused on what you choose for an extended period of time.

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Marc Sijm