Quantum meeting with fellow coaches

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From the interest in the new sciences in physics and biology and the different perspective on reality that this gives, namely a world without separation, a holistic human view and one underlying energy field (the ‘quantum field’) Helma and I have organized a meeting with fellow coaches.

On the basis of an interview / conversation with Marc about his novel IVDAVRA and the knowledge gained from studying this new science, we will discuss this fascinating view of our reality.

The topic is the new science. The title of the invitation: Lets go Quantum!

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IVDAVRA translated into English


When you write a book, you start with a rough manuscript, at least, that’s how it was for me. While writing, I just didn’t want to or couldn’t concern myself with the grammar, with the quotation marks, the periods and commas. I had to and would stay in the flow of the writing. Nothing else was important. The manuscript is the foundation for the next step in the process. Transforming the manuscript into a print-ready book.

I chose to work with a text agency. As reflected in a previous post, I worked with text agency De Letterbrug. Once again I want to say that I am extremely happy with the cooperation with Ria.

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Book presentation IVDAVRA in Breda


In an alternative business hall on an industrial estate in Breda, meetings are held for spiritual presentations and courses. Dancing, meditation, performances and book presentations.

Marc Sijm (that’s me) was also there in February to present IVDAVRA.

All the new experiences that come my way after writing IVDAVRA are really fun and exciting. I’d like to be the first to say that.

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Marc Sijm