Quantum meeting with fellow coaches

From the interest in the new sciences in physics and biology and the different perspective on reality that this gives, namely a world without separation, a holistic human view and one underlying energy field (the ‘quantum field’) Helma and I have organized a meeting with fellow coaches.

On the basis of an interview / conversation with Marc about his novel IVDAVRA and the knowledge gained from studying this new science, we will discuss this fascinating view of our reality.

The topic is the new science. The title of the invitation: Lets go Quantum!

Lets go quantum is a statement made by the animated Dr. Quantum in the documentary What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole when one of the paradoxes of quantum physics is explained, namely the double-slit experiment. In the video below, he says so at the time 1:58.

What exactly is this “quantum field”? What does the new science say about it? What does it have to do with our daily lives and work? Does it give us a different world view with different rules or is even the whole game different?

So plenty of topics to talk about.

The evening was truly special, effervescent and inspiring. The time flew by. Before we knew it, someone said: It’s already 23:00! I really have to go back home now!

My thanks go to Helma and to all the participants. It was for me the most fantastic experience in recent times. See you very soon for the sequel, when all have read the book IVDAVRA. I am already looking forward to it.

Some comments from the fellow coaches present.

Thank you so much for this interesting evening! I look forward to a follow-up!
Thank you again for the evening! Food for thought and above all great fun to be together like this.
It was a beautiful gathering… I too am still enjoying it.
I enjoyed last night so much. Today I treated myself to IVDAVRA and read it in one go. Delightful and was moved to tears because it resonates so much.

Looking forward to the sequel!

Marc Sijm