Book presentation IVDAVRA in Breda

In an alternative business hall on an industrial estate in Breda, meetings are held for spiritual presentations and courses. Dancing, meditation, performances and book presentations.

Marc Sijm (that’s me) was also there in February to present IVDAVRA.

All the new experiences that come my way after writing IVDAVRA are really fun and exciting. I’d like to be the first to say that.

Looking at this room to see if and how the presentation can be given. Is there a stage, where are the visitors’ chairs? Is a sound system needed and if so, is it present?

Is it a presentation or an interview? I had prepared a presentation. Marie Therese, a friend and colleague coach, who challenged me to give a presentation in Breda also wanted to interview me. So that was quickly decided. The form would be an interview.

How do we ensure that tickets will be bought? The hall must also be paid of course. So how should that be arranged? I am learning all kinds of new things.

Should there be a poster as well? How many books do I take with me to possibly sell afterwards? And even more things that would have to be arranged.

The healthy tension that comes with it. The uncertainty that rears its head now and then. What a different world I am experiencing now.

And then it’s the evening of the presentation. Am I nervous or am I calm? I am calm. Will the visitors all arrive and on time? They all arrive on time. Do I get nervous about the people, who I don’t know, who are going to sit in the room? I remain calm.

Working with my subconscious has proven to change my experience from nervousness to calmness. You had to know how freshly nervous I’ve always been about speaking in front of a group.

The book launch was an incredibly fun experience for me. I hope everyone who attended also had a wonderful evening. Thank you Marie Therese for the challenge and the accompanying questions, it helped me a lot. Thank you visitors for your interest and the questions that were asked. That was the reason it took longer than planned. I enjoyed it. Thank you George for taking pictures. Thank you hall owner for allowing me to use the hall.

On to the next presentation!

If anyone knows of a nice location, or knows of a group of people who might be interested in IVDAVRA, my spit ritual novel, I’d love to hear about it.

Press Release.


Marc Sijm